Monday, 29 April 2013

Poké Ball

I love fancy dress. I'll use almost any excuse to spend an excessive amount of time on a costume. I once built a giant cardboard shell for a snail costume which I took to Bestival. Not only was it vibrantly coloured, making it very easy for my friends to find me when we found ourselves separated, but it also provided a large amount of storage space for our group to sneak alcohol into the arenas.

A dear friend of mine named Rob recently had a great fancy dress birthday party - the theme: dress geeky. My kind of party. I had already decided that this would be a great excuse to put some miles on the Wearable Arc Reactor I made in February, however I took it upon myself to make something extra for Rob's Ash Ketchum costume. An item most critical to the quest of a budding Pokémon Trainer: The Poké Ball.

Some good designs already existed on Thingiverse, however I wanted mine to be big enough to hold in hand for the classic Ash Ketchum pose. SketchUp isn't the most ideal tool for playing with curved surfaces, but spheres are just about doable.

Rather than use a selection of filament colours, I chose to print the whole thing in white and paint it afterwards. A bit of internet research informed me that acrylic paints are the best bet for painting PLA. I picked up a set on Amazon for around £10. I painted each differently coloured part separately, and then glued the whole thing together.

Apparently it's the best birthday present Rob's ever received.